Friends of the show

Jed Fuhrman : University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Justin Seymour : University of Technology, Sydney

Claire Mahaffey : University of Liverpool, UK

Lev Bodrossy : CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Hobart

Federico Lauro : sailing the Indigo V, and sometimes at UNSW

Matthew Smith : University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Penny Ajani : Macquarie University, Sydney

Shauna Murray :  University of Technology, Sydney

Emma Johnston : BEES, UNSW, Ecotoxicology

Tracey Rogers : BEES, UNSW, Marine Mammals


2 thoughts on “Friends of the show

    • Thanks Penny – of course you cna be my friend
      great news about the writing up – im sure its great
      im away for a while but if you get in touch with Mel she should be able to let you in the lab for the software…

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