Here’s what we’ve got on tap currently:

Tracking the seasonal impacts of the East Australia Current on Australia’s coastline.

In collaboration with CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Hobart, and the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) we have expanded out time-series sampling. We are collecting samples from Maria Island (Tas) and North Stradbroke Island (QLD). Together with Port Hacking, these sites now represent the largest network of marine microbial time series on the planet and allow us to identify the impacts of the EAC as it extends into southern waters.


Nth Stradbroke Island (QLD)

Australia’s Ocean Microbiome: How the diversity and functionality of microbes influence key oceanographic provinces
Funding: ARC Discovery Grant DP120102764 $320,000
Collaborators: Justin Seymour, Lev Bodrossy, Claire Mahaffey

Towards a predictive model for coastal marine microbial assemblages
Funding: ARC Discovery Grant DP0988002 $725,850
Collaborators: Jed Fuhrman

Evolution and adaptation of gut microbiota in marine mammals
Funding: Evolution and Ecology Research Centre $13,000
Collaborators: Tiffanie NelsonTracey Rogers 


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