SIMS Foundation Grant

Thanks to the Sydney Institute of Marine Science, Sydney Harbour Research Programme for a new seed grant ($12,500), led by UTS along with researchers from UNSW and Macquarie Univsersity

Microbes to Fish in Sydney Harbour: Diversity and Dynamic Shifts
Researchers – Murray, Ajani, Brown, Doblin, Farrell, Jeffries, Laczka, Scanes, Seymour
Should be fun to pursue some science in our backyard

Unusual sulfur biogeochemistry in Organic Lake, Antarctica

Our camp at Organic Lake, Antarctica during the summer of 2008-9

Our camp at Organic Lake, Antarctica during the summer of 2008-9

Congratulations to erstwhile virus hunter Sheree Yau for a new manuscript in ISMEJ detailing the goings on in Organic Lake, Antarctica using a combination of metagenomics and biogeochemistry. This paper uses samples we collected during the 2008/9 expedition.

Yau S, Lauro FL, Williams TJ, DeMaere MZ, Brown MV, Rich J, Gibson JAE, Cavicchioli R (accepted) Strategies of carbon conservation and unusual sulphur biogeochemistry in a hypersaline Antarctic Lake. ISMEJ

Ecology Letters Manuscript accepted

A new manuscript has been accepted into the prestigious ecology journal Ecology Letters (Impact Factor= 17.557!), titled
“Microbial community responses to anthropogenically induced environmental change: towards a systems approach”
Andrew Bissett(1), Mark V Brown(2), Steve Sicilliano(3), Peter Thrall(1)

outlining a way for microbial ecology to move towards more holistic systems biology approach’s in order to progress in many areas.

1 CSIRO, Plant Industry
3 Dept of Soil Science, University of Saskatchewan

Watch this space for a link to the published paper!