Indigo V Expedition in the News!!

Read and hear about the Indigo V expedition

Heres an interview with our expedition leader and skipper extraordinaire Federico Lauro on ABC 702 Radio, Sydney

and rcent articles from the Sydney Morning Herald

“Anchors aweigh for team studying microscopic creatures”

and the UNSW Newsroom

“Sailing into the Unknown”





Be a marine microbe!!! FlOw is a game about piloting an aquatic organism through a surreal biosphere where players consume other organisms, evolve, and advance their organisms to the abyss.

SIMS Foundation Grant

Thanks to the Sydney Institute of Marine Science, Sydney Harbour Research Programme for a new seed grant ($12,500), led by UTS along with researchers from UNSW and Macquarie Univsersity

Microbes to Fish in Sydney Harbour: Diversity and Dynamic Shifts
Researchers – Murray, Ajani, Brown, Doblin, Farrell, Jeffries, Laczka, Scanes, Seymour
Should be fun to pursue some science in our backyard

Unusual sulfur biogeochemistry in Organic Lake, Antarctica

Our camp at Organic Lake, Antarctica during the summer of 2008-9

Our camp at Organic Lake, Antarctica during the summer of 2008-9

Congratulations to erstwhile virus hunter Sheree Yau for a new manuscript in ISMEJ detailing the goings on in Organic Lake, Antarctica using a combination of metagenomics and biogeochemistry. This paper uses samples we collected during the 2008/9 expedition.

Yau S, Lauro FL, Williams TJ, DeMaere MZ, Brown MV, Rich J, Gibson JAE, Cavicchioli R (accepted) Strategies of carbon conservation and unusual sulphur biogeochemistry in a hypersaline Antarctic Lake. ISMEJ

Ecology Letters Manuscript accepted

A new manuscript has been accepted into the prestigious ecology journal Ecology Letters (Impact Factor= 17.557!), titled
“Microbial community responses to anthropogenically induced environmental change: towards a systems approach”
Andrew Bissett(1), Mark V Brown(2), Steve Sicilliano(3), Peter Thrall(1)

outlining a way for microbial ecology to move towards more holistic systems biology approach’s in order to progress in many areas.

1 CSIRO, Plant Industry
3 Dept of Soil Science, University of Saskatchewan

Watch this space for a link to the published paper!